Women In Forestry

CFS looks at improving gender representation and diversity in the forest sector

March 1, 2022
By CFI staff
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Wood Business
Women in Forestry

The federal government’s budget of 2019 directed Natural Resources Canada to address gender and other representation gaps within the forest sector workforce.

Jean-Sébastien Chevrier, manager of strategic policy at Natural Resources Canada, and Pierre-Olivier Bonin, Ph.D., data scientist and policy analyst at Natural Resources Canada, describe how the Canadian Forest Service took an evidence-based approach to the budget directive.

Drawing on Statistics Canada’s census data, they look at the diversity gaps for woman, newcomers, indigenous people, and visible minorities, and explain the work that was done to understand some reasons behind those gaps. The two speakers then present four measures they have implemented to help address the diversity gap. Finally, they present preliminary results and discuss some of the challenges and lessons learned along the way.

For any question or comment, feel free to contact them at nrcan.ifit-itif.rncan@canada.ca.


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