Women In Forestry

Winning contributions: Q&A with forest sustainability director Wendy Crosina

February 27, 2023
By Alberta Forest Products Association
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Women in Forestry

Wendy Crosina is the director of forest sustainability at Weyerhaeuser Canadian Timberlands, and is also a recent recipient of the Forest Products Association of Canada’s Women in Forestry award. This award is presented in partnership with Silvacom to a female leader who is making contributions to strengthen the dynamic and evolving forest sector while advancing workplace diversity and inclusion.

Anyone who knows Wendy is familiar with the great work that she does as a leader in this industry. In Wendy’s role, she works on all things wildlife-related, as well as working closely on files like sustainability, biodiversity, Indigenous relations, climate and a whole lot more ⁠– a real Smörgåsbord of all things forestry.

In this podcast interview with Alberta Forest Products Association’s Aspen Dudzic, Wendy shares about her journey and career in forestry, describes the value of a multi-species approach when it comes to wildlife management, and details the important role that forestry can play in mitigating wildfire risk.

This article is part of CFIPulp & Paper Canada and Canadian Biomass’ Women in Forestry series, an annual celebration of women in the industry. Find more content here and follow us on social media with the hashtag: #WomeninForestry.