Women In Forestry

Spotlight on excellence: Anne-Marie Faucher

September 18, 2023
By Jennifer Ellson Avatar photo
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Women in Forestry

In our 11th edition of the Top 20 Under 40 award, Canadian Forest Industries is shining a spotlight on the next-gen leaders who are making waves in our industry. These young champions are not just rising stars – they’re innovators, change-makers, mentors, and community builders. Over the next 20 weeks, we’ll introduce you to each of the 2023 winners.

Today, let’s get to know Anne-Marie Faucher, president and CEO of PG Flooring in Saint-Édouard-de-Lotbinière, Que.

After spending a few years working in the hospitality industry, Anne-Marie decided to be a part of the family business in 2008. She has held numerous positions at PG Flooring since, spearheading innovative projects and processes, until she was promoted to president and CEO in August 2020. Since becoming the head of the company, the 36-year-old has created committees and carried out several projects and partnerships that elevated PG Flooring to be a leader in the hardwood flooring industry in Quebec and in Canada.

“It’s really exciting to work for a company founded by my grandfather and his cousin in 1979,” she says. “It’s a source of pride to continue working as a family,” adds Anne-Marie.

Knowing how to mobilize the troops and motivate colleagues to take them further are part of Anne-Marie’s leadership DNA. Over the coming years, she plans to continue expanding when markets and interest rates stabilize. “We invested more than $6 million in our production line,” she says. “We now want to maximize production capacity and efficiency.”

Next week we will showcase the achievements of winner Peter Flett.