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PODCAST | Building opportunities in the forest products sector

November 16, 2020
By Kristina Urquhart Avatar photo
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Pulp and Paper Canada
Women in Forestry

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This time, we’re interviewing Janis Simpkins, senior vice-president of the Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA).

We discuss the economic opportunities she sees for forest products companies to improve their competitiveness, the AFPA’s environment goals for the next few years, and the association’s mandate to expand its working relationship with the pulp and paper sector.

“We need to be able to ensure market access, and that we’re finding new markets,” she says in our discussion. “We need a reliable rail system – transportation is one of our key impediments when it comes to being competitive on that global stage.”

“It’s really clear that the world is starting to move away from things like single-use plastics, and that is a huge, huge opportunity for the pulp industry to capitalize on with renewable and sustainable products.”

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